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A female who has completely mastered the art of being a ruthless bitch and doesn't give a single fuck about what they say to OR about a certain person; usually towards another female who has offended them in some way. Or just doesn't deserve to breathe the air on this planet. It can also be towards the opposite sex who completely deserves every shitty thing that ever happens to them in life.
Cindy: "Oh well, i got what i wanted out of him. A booty call & my ex seen the hickey on his neck. & probably got upset in front of his new redheaded whore of a girlfriend, causing a fight & possibly a break up. Which hopefully lead to police being called & people being put in the back of cop cars for a domestic dispute. You know, because she's a redheaded crooked nosed piece of trash bitch, & she hates her life."

Becky: "LMAO you are totally a professional cunt."
by ProfeshCunt101 January 14, 2012

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