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The first generation of the Toyota Previa. Also known as "beans," the egg van acquires its name from its quirky shape. A very interesting fact is that the 2.4L Engine is located under the driver's seat instead of under the hood. Egg vans were manufactured and sold in North America between 1990 and 1997, when replaced by the more popular and less ugly Sienna.

A typical driver of an egg van usually cannot afford a newer car or is just so strangely in love with it. They tend to be either Asian, Hispanic cleaning ladies, or unfortunate high school or college students trapped with it because their parents wouldn't buy them another car. They achieve very poor fuel economy (17 city, 21 highway) and achieve only 160 horsepower (119 kW).

For those who own egg vans and really love them, here's something nice about them: They have the capable of running on vegetable oil, thus said, many upgrades and alterations are required; 4-Wheel drive is an available option; The back seats are capable of turning 360 degrees; some models feature dual sun roofs; a supercharger is an available option to slightly increase power output.
-"Aubrey crashed her Mitsubishi Galant, and as a punishment, her parents got her an egg van!!"

-"Kareem was outraged when his insurance premium went up because he crashed into a P.O.S. egg van"

-"Mommy, what the hell happened to that car?"
-"Sweetie, they're made like that, stop crying. It's just an egg van."

-"I got my license!! I can be popular in the group 'cause I can drive people!!"
-"No, you're wrong. You see, you have an egg van, so nobody will be riding with you. Loser."

-"I heart my egg van!!! It's so cute!!!"
-"That van killed their self esteem..."
by Private York Hunt February 28, 2008
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