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Lincoln,MA a small town 20 minutes away from Boston. The town is so small everyone knows peoples business. Soccer is the sport everyone must play. Moms are stay at home moms who drive there SUV's or Volvos. The girls are all snobs and only wear the nicest clothes. The only school in town is k-8 and most kids end up going to some prestigious private school. The houses are huge, and your dad drives a really nice car and probably has several cars. We have 3 gas stations, a small grocery store, and art gallery, something special, and the whistle stop which is the coolest place to hang out when you have a half day. There is no crime so police break up parties and give out speeding tickets due to the speed limit is 20 mph in the town. Yes, Lincoln is really small and rich and probably the most boring town EVER!!!
Lincoln, a small town with farms and minimal street lights.
by Priv@te $ch00lchk March 23, 2006

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