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Pronuncation: Prih-SIH-luh-├ęsk

1. Dressing or behaving according to fashion: trendy; stylish 2. Person who posses qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind: a female who is attractive in personality and beauty is Priscillaesque. 3. Person who posses creativity and artistic abilities. 4. Having the ability to turn something plain or boring into something spectacular and fabulous: someone who is Priscillaesque has a creative mind, very detail oriented and artistic in many ways. 5. Glowing from within: sparkling: glittering.

synonyms:funny, caring, sweet, creative, entertaining, beautiful, compassionate, loving, complex, attractive, sense of style, trendy, bright

Antonyms: plain, simple, boring, serious, tacky, dowdy, bland, cheap, un-interesting, naive, cruel, dark, ugly, unattractive

Etymology: American born and California raised fashionista and style icon in the making of Native American and Colombian decent. Word first appeared in dictionary in 1991 of Latin origin.
A young Jennifer Lopez in the making; someone possessing creative ambitions and propelling them into lucrative successes.

Like a multi-faceted diamond; someone who is Priscillaeqsue is complex with many qualities and characteristics.

A fashion icon like the stylish Kim Kardashian; someone who is trendy with a fabulous sense of style.

A color to represent Priscillaesque would be hot pink with silver sparkles; Bright and girlie with a little extra pizzazz!
by Priscilla Rose March 04, 2009
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