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The combination of the words skank and sleeze. Normally applied to sleeze like males who are rude, obnoxious, and have no morals about their quest to have sexual intercourse with as many females as possible (regardless of how unattractive they are). Normally these primates congregate around high school quads, college fraturnaties, singles bars, dance clubs, and pornographic stores. Can be identified by the smell of alcohol, pop collar, bad dancing, inapproriate behavior, loud ranting, grease covered skin and hair, and heavy application of AXE Body Spray. A skeeze is offensive to all five senses.
Shawn is such a skeeze. He doesn't care who he has sex with or what he has to say to get in their pants. He may be getting a girl drunk right now as we speak.
by Prince Cherry January 14, 2009

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