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1. A slang or slang-like term for any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division(Cancer) "the" is useally left out of the word leaving just "cancer". It is now used in a humorous way to make fun of cancer in some way, or just be silly.

2. A person who is born and has the astrological sign of "cancer"(the crab). Guys who ask for girls "signs" are typically losers who don't useally get with girls. Their lame attempt at communication with the said girl is useally ended upon her request.
Example 1)
Guy # 1: Hey man what do you think this tumor is?
Guy # 2: Dude I think its the cancer

Example 2)
Girl : I think I got the cancer, damn!

2. Dude # 1 : Hey you see that sweet girl last night?
Dude # 2: see her? I banged the cancer last night
Dude # 1: No you didn't you pussy
Dude # 2: yeah your right...It was in my dream, I never banged anyone...
by Prede89 November 30, 2007
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