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Also known as "Suite 0" in the ship-to field of a purchase order. The address for the cardboard box residence of a homeless person adjacent to a physical Brick and Mortar store. The word was first used by the Powerhorse himself on 2/11/2008 in email correspondence to the Powerhorse Jr.
End User: Please ship this item to John Smith, 123 Main Street, STE 0, Duplicationville, NY 12345.

Reseller A: Ok, sir!

(Reseller A sends their PO over to the rep.)

Rep: I don't feel like doing my job today. Let's send it over to OST so I can kick back and browse the interweb.

(The Powerhorse begins processing the PO.)

Powerhorse: By, golly! This address is invalid! STE 0? It's the cardboard refridgerator box next to the building with the unshaved homeless man.
by Powerhorse the II February 11, 2008

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