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A great city in West MI, with lots of opportunities, people, and things to do. Grand Rapids gets better and better every year. Was known as the "furniture city". But is now more popular in the arts with two art museums, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Saint Cecelia Music Society, WMCAT, Civic Theater, Kendall Art College, and also the largest art competition in the world, ARTPRIZE. Also famous for the worlds largest lip dub to the song "American Pie" led by Rob Bliss. There is so many things to do around GR every season. And is also known for the Fredrick Mejier Gardens and Sculpture Park, with an indoor tropical rain forest green house. GR gets a bad, exaggerated rep about GRPS. But now has a new superintendent, and is getting better.
" I went to a wedding in Grand Rapids and I didn't want to leave, so many things to do rain or shine!"

"I love Grand Rapids because I'm a city girl, but NY, Chicago, and Detroit is to big and crowded."

"I love to take walks in the evening down town Grand Rapids when all the lights and the sun set are shining on the Grand River."
by Poprocks2.0 January 28, 2012

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