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When the Prom dance is over and you and your date are riding in the limo around town..she goes to give you a blow job and your foreskin gets caught in her braces. After a few minutes of panic and fear you realize that you need to tell the chauffer to go to the nearest Emergency room. The chauffer takes you there and then you beg him to go get a Doctor(cuz you and your date can't really move). The Doctors and Nurses come (but you don't) and have to perform a quick surgery in the limo. Then they make a call to your parents at about 1:00am.
Amy didn't plan on winning Prom Queen so she left early to enjoy a Limo ride with Blake and it didn't turn out so well. Her dad was furious about what happened and poor Blake is still bedded up at the hospital from the Prom Night Limo Liplock.
by Poor Blake July 10, 2006
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