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Typically a guy, who used to be chubby when he was a kid, But as soon as he hit high school became verrry in-shape and muscular: Not to mention attractive, its almost like being a chubster is a compliment, because most of them are very nice, they know what its like to be the kid who's just everyone's friend, no more, because girls didn't think of him that way, so most chubsters don't judge. but that changed ever sense he went to high school. He's the guy who everyone likes, but how could you not like a chubster? Funny, Nice, Can relate to almost everyone? They're one of a kind. They also might be called a chubster in there 'non-chubby phase, but they don't mind, a chubster would just laugh along knowing that he indeed used to be chubby. Chubsters are great, don't loose them.
Bob: Dude this new kid came to our class, he showed us his yearbook and he was like majorly chubby two years ago.
Sally: but not anymore; that new kids cute, that chubster
by Pooh Bear:] August 20, 2009
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