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A PUTMAN IS THE REAL DEAL...The word pimp was invented because of the PUTMAN'S... They are all mighty Dragon slaying, woman stealing, Sexy Ninjasamuri that fight crime and drift Silvia's. Some words of advice, never piss of a Putman, because I don't think anyone (expect the chosen few that were sent down to fight crime with them) has seen them slap a bitch, and live to tell the tale... Pretty much one of the most amazing things ever to been witnessed.

And their drifting abilities are like woah...
Dude A: "That guy just took my girl! Im going to kick his ass!"'

Dude B: "Whoah dude! Thats a Putman, He'll rip off your head and shit down your neck!"

Dude A: "Nvm Fml..."
by Player_P July 08, 2009

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