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A slang word for sex or fucking.

Derived from John Stamos, most well known for portraying Uncle Jesse who of course went out and banged many ladies. Also He was married to Supermodel Rebecca Romijn, so a lot of sex went on.
Noun: Hey, Want to go have Stamos?
Verb: I went home and Stamosed her good.
by PittKapS04 August 20, 2005
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a person who doesn't understand most technical advances from the past century, like computers, tvs, microwaves, and cellphones; one who looks and acts like a caveman.
guy1: Why did Mike run away saying i stole his soul when i took a picture of him with my cellphone?
guy2: Oh thats because he's Bliz.
by PittKapS04 August 20, 2005
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