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Bored suburban white kid with waaay too much time on his/her hands.

Found in decadent wealthy societies where most people have more food than they need and anthropomorphize their overfed pets.

Irrelevant in developing nations or to people who have real life problems to worry about.
The animal rights activist screamed and ranted in front of Macy's while brandishing photoshopped pictures of roadkill. "See this poor little innocent animal that died for your sins in this evil leg-breaking trap!!" The homeless family across the street was unimpressed.
by Pitbull Hugger February 21, 2004
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Put-down or criticism of a life choice.

"A bingo. It's when a childfree person says they're not having children, and someone tells them they'll change their mind or that it's different when they're theirs..." - Childfree hardcore.
by Pitbull hugger November 24, 2005
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