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A pre-packaged unit of street drugs such as coke, heroin, and crack, and sometimes weed. Yupp even weed.
A G-pack is ALWAYS Street Ready!!!
Street ready: the drug is already cut and vialed up or bagged up already. Thats pretty much what it means.
Streetready: the drug is ready to be served to the fiends, junkies, and crack whores on the corners by drug dealers.
A Street-Ready unit is very ideal, so when it comes time to re-up they ask for a street-ready unit, and get back to serving the crackheads immediatly after they cop it because its already cut/diluted and in vials/gelcaps/capsules or in plastic sandwich bags/ small plastic bags or bottled in the capsules already, or in pill capsules/caps or sometimes in glassine bags.
Cutting the product is also called 'Milling' with cutting agents and adulterants, so the drug is not so pure and more profit for you.
You cant get a kilo of pure coke and just start selling it: You have to cut it so people dont overdose and for more profit, then you weigh it out into individual units. Then you bag it up or vial it up for easy access and concealment. Then it's street-ready!!
Marijuana/Weed is already to a certain extent Street-Ready because there is NO cutting/milling involved (unless the dealer wants to rip you off and make more money he'll cut it with parsley OR if he is selling designer weed cut or laced with heroin or coke etc.) But it does still need to be weighed out and bagged up, which means weed is not entirely Street-Ready, but the proccess for making it street-ready is alot easier than that for Coke, Heroin, and Crack.
In short, Street-Ready means: Ready to be sold as is on the street or wherever you are sellin' at, at a retail price. You buy a Street-Ready Unit wholesale, and then sell the individual units retail.
Young Jeezy: " Buy 'em whole and sell 'em retail"
Young Jeezy on Imma Do Me: " Buy them wholesale, and sell them retail, I'm talkin seafood, yeah that fishscale."
Example: A supplier has one ounce of weed, now if it's street-ready than it has already been weighed out and bagged up into sandwich bags or whatever. One ounce of weed is 28 grams, and 1 gram is $10.00, so that would be 28 individual bags sold at 10 bucks a pop, 28(grams)x10(dollars per gram)= $280.00. So 280 dollars and you can get street-ready ounces for like $150.00. so 280-150= 130. So now you have just made $130.00 dollars profit. You can Thank me later.
But for more information on "Street Ready"/Street Ready drugs and the drug game in general, watch HBO's The Wire seasons 1-5.
Weed Dealer: Yo man i need sumtin Street Ready.
Supplier: I gotta g-pack of Heroin.
Weed Dealer: I'm talkin bout Weed nigga!
Supplier: I got an Ounce/Oz of some fire, already bagged up into grams and 8ths in glassine bags.
Weed Dealer: How many ounces of weed you got right now that's Street Ready?
Supplier: I just got one ounce man thats street-ready, you want it or not niggah.
Weed Dealer: Yeah man I'll take it, I want the whole Ounce, be here in like 30 mins.
Supplier: Alright nigga (click)
Weed Dealer: (Click)
Street Ready Street-Ready StreetReady.
by PhillyBoi1108867 June 19, 2008

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