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A great city to grow up and live in, located in central Washington state. The fifth-largest city in the state (outdoing capitol city Olympia in both mileage and population), Yakima is home to The Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Perry Technical Institute, and Yakima Valley Community College. It also boasts a thriving arts community and has been experimenting successfully in the wine industry for the past several years. Unfortunately, Yakima frequently goes unappreciated by residents who take its benefits for granted, especially young people who often yearn to move only to return after being disappointed in their new location.
Sue: I'm from Yakima, Washington.
Sally: Isn't that that depressed city with the gang problems?
Sue: It does have its shortcomings, but all cities do, and it also has a lot of really great things going for it.

Mark: Hey, Matt, what are you doing here in Yakima? I thought you moved to Seattle!
Matt: I did, but it sucked. Traffic was awful, cost of living was high, and I couldn't compete in its crowded rat race of a job market. Yakima may not be as busy, but it certainly has advantages I didn't appreciate until I was without them.
by PhilMark1984 March 27, 2011

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