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Kansas, like most believe, is neither the flattest state nor does it receive the most tornadoes. Actually, Florida is the flattest state in the USA. Texas has the most tornadoes recorded as of yet.

Kansas is the middle of the contiguous United States.

Kansas homes many shops with good clothes, restaurants with great food, and schools with great curricular programs.

Kansas is not a hick state. Kansas is by no means a fully Republican state, in fact, our governor is a female Democrat. Not everybody in Kansas lives on a farm; Eastern Kansas houses some rather large cities including Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita.

Kansas is not a freaking close minded state. Plenty of freaking homosexuals and people of different freaking heritages live here. Please shut up. Now.

Kansas is not always scorching. The weather is a freak, summers are usually hot and winters cold, but there are a lot of unseasonably hot/cold days. It can be nice and sunny one hour then rain like hell the next.

I've lived in Kansas all my life. Never met a closed minded/super religious/homophobic person at all.

If we don't have internet or water, I'm not typing this. Or alive.

(Kansas is also on the route of the Ogallala Aquafir. PLENTY OF WATER HERE.)

Shut up with yer damn stereotypes now. I'm a Kansan, I'm also an Atheist. Yeah. I also hate country music. Yea. MAGIC, I KNOW.
Person 1: So you lived in Kansas, did you grow wheat and sunflowers?
Kansan: Dude, shut the hell up.
by Phenomena! OHYES! February 06, 2009
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