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a turd that coils itself around the toilet bowl, resurfaces from the water and comes back to "bite you in the ass"; also known as a plumber's nightmare, this large amount of fecal matter will leave the donor several pounds lighter after depositing it. Must be one continous coil of feces to qualify... no floaters and must break the surface of the water like a cobra out of the basket... no regular toilet snake
Bill: Hey bro, you've been in the bathroom for hours
Pete: Ya I had to drop the kids off at the pool, but instead of kids, it was a bowl cobra... the likes of which have never been seen.... it too 3 flushes and plunger to get that turd down the hole... plus i got crap marks from the bite, so i had to take a shower.
Bill: well, light a damn match or something.
Pete: Yeah, well i did, and half a can of air freshener, but that puppy lingers.
by Pete from Miami September 30, 2005
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