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The straight guy that hangs out within your girlfriend's social circle. Even though you may be able to stand some of her friends, this non-gay male friend throws an odd wrench in things. The one that never has any chance with any of the girls, and is always the one to offer questionable "male" advice when one of the girls approaches a guy or has relationship issues. The boyfriends of these girls make attempts to socialize with him, but quickly realize his douchey role in the group. He typically will be seen buying pitchers of beer for the girls, bringing his own darts and pool cue to the bar, organizing wine and guitar hero nights, boasting about his volunteer firefighter status, and getting set up with the grotesquer examples of the female species.
Mark: Hey babe, is Allen, the crumudgen coming out tonight with us?
Heather: Don't call him that! And no, he's getting all the things ready for tommorrow's Sangria ladies night at roxannes
Mark: Cool, I'll be out flying fighter jets
by Peppermint Pickles July 01, 2009
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A false sense of academic entitlement that some community college graduates display after performing extremely well grade-wise during their tenure. It should be noted that this same student would most likely perform at or below average at a more difficult private or public univeristy, thus disovering reality. The symptoms seem to manifest themselves mainly in young women who believe a japanese introductry class and a passing grade in photoshop give them the footing to debate proust.
Jan: yeah so I graduated from GCC with a 4.0, like I'm really smart and don't agree with George Bush.
Cliff: Really, like his foreign policy or mishandling of Katrina?
Jan: Umm...well remember when he said, now watch this drive? I mean, c'mon now
Cliff: Hmmm, so that's your reason?
Jan: yeah, oh, and do you want fries with that?
Cliff (thinking): Big tits and a great ass, to bad for the community college syndrome
by Peppermint Pickles July 01, 2009
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