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In Baltimore County if you get kicked out of private school or didn’t get in to private school or just didn’t feel like going to private school and you live in Baltimore County then you go the closet thing to a coed private school and that’s Dulaney High school. All the guys and girls are really preppy and have money. The guys drive lifted jeeps and the girls drive 4 runners with roxy stickers in the back window. If you’re a guy and you want to have any kind of fun you have to play lacrosse. If you’re a girl and you want to have any fun you better get a boyfriend on the guys on lacrosse team.
If your driving around Timonium MD or Jacksonville MD and you see a bunch of lifted jeeps or 4 runners parked on the front lawns of houses its probably a Dulaney party.
by PaulyD April 05, 2005
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