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Leinster - LONS-STER - noun

Affluent Province in the East of Ireland, home to Kilkenny City, Naas, Gorey and the Irish Capital Dublin.

Populated by a diverse range of people hailing from backwards rural areas like Urlingford to cosmopolitan Dublin, the financial and social capital posessing most of the country's top bars, property locations, business houses and eateries.

Most famous for it's Champion rugby team based in Dublin 4. Leinster rugby's spiritual home is the romantic Donnybrook but lately matches have taken place in the Royal Dublin Showgrounds (RDS) and a planned move to Lansdowne Road as tickets sales soar.

Leinster are statistically the best supported team in Celtic rugby as well as the most solvent. They posses a proverbial who's who of Irish and International rugby talent. Leinster are currently the Magner's League Champions of the Celtic country and are favoured to lift this season's Heineken Cup.

Despite a devastating backline and rich domestic rugby heritage Leinster are often handicapped by their new found "fan base" drawn from Dublin's outer suburbia commuter belt, many of these new fans are members of the OLSC and struggle to comprehend the more basic of rugby's laws.

"Wow I could score on a night out like Leinster do on the pitch"

"I suppose you could say people from Leinster are the real chosen people"
by Paulie O'Connell February 19, 2009
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Munster /ˈmʌnstər/ muhn-ster – noun

Also see: opposite of modest, national shames and incest.

Provincial backwater located in the South West of Ireland. Home of gangland violence in Limerick, the Blarney Stone in Cork, the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary, highest level of teen pregnancy again in Limerick and for having the only Amateur body that repeatedly engages in industrial action (Cork hurlers).

Most famous for their professional rugby team who engage in an archaic & tedious playing style likened to glorified crawling which somehow has seen them victorious in two Heineken Cup finals. Boast both the largest traveling support and yet the worst home support in European rugby made up predominantly of people actually from rural Leinster. Munster supporters are known to profess passionate working class routes and a great attachment to their team despite actually having attended private schools and failing to have followed rugby for more then 5 years, they now claim Athenry is Munster and that a bonus point loss away in France should be hailed as a national celebration.

Once beat a weakened All Black's midweek team and have spent the subsequent 30 years reminding the world of that fact. Their continuing repeating of this fact makes England and their mentioning of the World Cup in 66 seem like a father talking about how his 7 year old won the south county under 7 mixed B GAA league after the other team failed to show due to an outbreak of chickenpox.
Munster Fan (from Kilkenny): Munsther are loike the biggest liginds ever to play the game, the pashun is unbelievable loike!

Anyone else: Excuse me? Who are you and what language are you speaking?
by Paulie O'Connell February 18, 2009
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