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A character from the original manga redone into an anime, Kikyou was a monotoned miko (priestess). One day soldiers came and gave her the duty to protect the Shikon no Tama (or Shikon no kakera) and she accepted without any protest. In her original life she was very misunderstood, the life of a miko was very hard to do, proecting the lives of her villagers and sister, she did not have time to play and be a regular woman. She came into contact with an hanyou (half breed) Inuyasha and they fell in love. Their ends were tragic and both fell to trickery, and she died along with burned Shikon. She was later reborn into Kagome and came back to the past to "finish" her duties. Her soul was divided and split into a body of clay and dirt, and now her vengeful fake body roams the lands with only one thing in mind, to bring Inuyasha to hell, for she thinks he had betrayed her, those many years before.
Also known as Kikyo thanks to the mistold English translaters.
by Patukum-chan June 26, 2005
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