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A Dog Catcher is someone who attracts and is attracted to women of a homely nature. Usually these women (also referred to as 'dogs') are quite desperate for any attention from the opposite sex.

These dogs have a tendency to congregate around the dog catcher in the form of packs, with each pack having a Alpha Dog. The Alpha Dog is usually a female with whom the dog catcher has had a serious relationship with, while the pack consists of his various one-night stands.

You can distinguish the pack leader by her boisterous, dominant personality, and her protective nature towards the catcher, and of course her hideous looks.
The pack on the other hand can be identified as several small clusters of unseemly girls huddled in close proximity to the catcher. The members of the pack will not openly flirt with or even talk to the catcher if others are around because of fear that they might be publicly rejected.

There is little that a non-professional can do to help these individuals as they are very set in their ways. It is commonly said that after a year or two, the average Dog Catcher is so set in his ways that he will continue to chase after and catch 'dogs' for the rest of his miserable life.
Mark: Yo man my date for the dance tonight canceled on me last minute! What am I going to do

Eric: Let me call up Name Censored for Privacy, he always has desperate girls with him.

Mark: Bro Im not bringing one of Name Censored for Privacy Dog's to the dance!

Eric: Yeah ill agree he is quite a dog catcher.

Mark: Think we should get him qualified medical treatment for his dangerous condition?

Eric: Nah its more fun to watch him this way =]

Mark: Your cruel bro!
by Patron005 July 01, 2010

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