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Ghostface Killah, is an American rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan. After the group achieved breakthrough success in the early- to mid-1990s, each member was free to pursue solo careers.
Ghostface Killah took his name from one of the characters in the 1979 kung fu film Mystery of Chessboxing.

Ghost is da shit
Wu Tang 4 Life
It has been said that Ghostface Killah broke Mase's jaw after negative comments were made in the Clan's direction. Many have comfirmed it to be true, On Stark's album Supreme Clientle he raps, " Yo the champ punched Mase in his face over some bullshit The other night they kidnapped his brother pokin him with knives ." Also in Kanye West song "Through The Wire" this incident is referenced to when West raps, " If you could feel how my face felt, you would know how Mase felt."
by Patrick Bateman III January 01, 2009
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