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Adj. The state of being intoxicated at a casino in which you win money at the craps table and your subsequent celebratory leap lands you on top of a slot machine with such force it wins you a free trip to the "back room". Upon sobering up the next day your body is covered with bruises, either from the slot machine or the cow prod used in the "back room."
After returning from his weekend trip to The Showboat, Lou sat on the shower floor, when Jen asked were all the bruises on his body came from, Lou found the energy to smirk and say "I got AC'd these weekend."
by Patricia Hostin March 03, 2008
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Adj. A severe state of intoxication which is brought on in order to go hogging. The state occurs after obliteration and it not only requires that the police take you to detox, but your condition is so bad that you are the one who called the police on yourself.
Jay spent 54 hours in detox after getting Holly Hilled on Tuesday night in order to drill that hog.
by Patricia Hostin January 23, 2008
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