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There are very few countries that celebrate mayday the way it deserves to be celebrated.

First of all, common misunderstanding is that mayday is 1st may. The real mayday starts 30th april and continues to very morning of first may (and sometimes even further).

It once used to be a celebration of working people, but this has been long forgotten. Nowadays, hardly anyone remembers (or cares) about the history of mayday.

The one and only proper way to celebrate mayday is pissup. Getting drunk out of your skull. Getting wasted. Whatever works for you as long as you can't walk straight.

The celebration includes (in addition to alcohol) balloons, serpentine and students doing things they regret later.
On the mayday week, alcohol sells 65% more than on any other week during the year.

More people die in alcoholic poisoning on mayday than on any other day of the year.
by Pasi Hirvonen May 02, 2004

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