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This phrase is used to express disappointment in ur friend. It's nigerian pidgin English.
Oga wetin be dat? Are you mad? Mek'am stand hya do dis ting oo!
by PashaHazretleri November 21, 2021
Definition- Jaydullah Pasha, a person of West African descent being honoured by Turkish folk

This man is the most caring and loving person on Earth. He will make sure when in a friend group everybody is entertained and nobody is excluded. He stands up for everyone who is unrighteously discriminated. People see him as the alpha male when he steps into a room. His handshake will show his dominance over his fellow homosapiens. This comes from his Nigerian/Turkish/Circassian roots. Not just good looking but super intelligent as well. He is extremely passionate about old movies and historical documentaries. He is a walking geography and history book. Additionally, he plays the guitar with tremendous emotion when the sun sets in his hometown Izmir. As he is built like hercules himself, he is very athletically gifted and plays multiple sports with basketball being his favourite one. He is currently following a professional career for Turkey's Anadolu Efes Istanbul and sees a bright future ahead of him. He is one for the ladies.
Jaydullah Pasha is just such a sweetheart.
Do you have a crush on this Jaydullah Pasha?
by PashaHazretleri November 21, 2021