1 definition by Parker Rob

n pl Cornball Brothers (kôrn'bôl' brəT͟Hər)

a. An African American male who chooses not to follow the stereotype. This includes, but is not limited to, being educated, well spoken, a role model, a leader, selfless, an upstanding member of the community and above all - humble.

b. life choices include marrying white women, being republican, and not being "down with the cause".

c. a rare breed of African American males who should be praised, not chastised by their own race.

d. a term where MLK would be rolling over his grave for
1. Dat RG3 got himself a becky. He a cornball brother (brotha) - na'mean?

2. Dat cornball brother (bruva) talk like he white.
by Parker Rob December 15, 2012