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In addition to a cool guy, the term Anthony can easily refer to any mass of molecules that is constructed in such a way as to be rendered a perfect specimen that may be utilized, but not exploited by, those hungering for an expanded and elaborated knowledge of what it takes to be deemed everything including handsome, intelligent, loving, caring, kind, considerate, wise, humorous, entertaining, true, etc. Whatsmore, a rather impressive figure, he can also be defined as most courteous and endowed with overwhelmingly good taste - especially in the ladies. However, he is now unavailable for the taking and he belongs solely to his queen, Zarrin. Nonetheless, he is still all I claim him to be and to define him would require too much ATP and that I do not have a limitless supply of. Thus, in a simpler way I shall leave it this;

Anthony - n. Desireable & mine.
Anthony, you make Zarrin happy.
by Pareja hmm May 26, 2007
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