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A person who successfully completes the two required semesters at a community college in order to obtain an EMT-Intravenous therapy license. The person then proceeds to complete an additional three semesters to become an EMT-Paramedic. Followed by over 1500 hours of clinical time in various operating rooms, emergency rooms, and ambulance services. The Paramedic is trained in all basic EMT skills, pharmacology (over 200 medications), endotracheal intubation, blood collection for ABGs, trauma/medical assessment, intra osseous medication infusion therapy, and many other skills. The Paramedic is ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS certified.
Paramedic: "This patient's in cardiac arrest. I'm going to need someone performing correct chest compressions, someone needs to draw up drugs, someone needs to get on the monitor, and I need IV access. This patient's in ventricular fibrillation. Draw up 1 mg of epinephrine and prepare to defibrillate at 200 joules biphasic."
by Paramedic 9224 April 25, 2013
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