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A super chill, ridiculously hard, legandary LA-based individual who transformed on weekends from a studious nerd to an all-out baller. His origins are mysteriously unknown, but according to legend, he transcended from a ball of light when he was born. Given to this world lacking a straight spine, he finally emerged into his own at the ripe age of 16, splitting off from his alter ego. And thats when the fun began.

Known for his preposterous antics, massive amounts of blazing, wild sexual escapdes and total lack of shame, his reputation spread throughout the greater Los Angeles area as word of his notoriety grew. Such epic stories include royalty threesomes, ritual salt baths, destruction of public property, half-ounce spliffs, telepathic mind control, cancelling a private institution and photo lab blowjobs, amongst many others.

While his appearances are now few and far between, one can glimpse a vision of him on weekend evenings, in clubs, bars, streets corners and dreams.

The reputation never dies...
Aiyyo, Papa J, what bitches are we going to slay tonight?

I've never seen anyone smoke as much chronic as Papa J did yesterday morning.
by PapaDelTrickD August 28, 2009
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