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A band reciently popular due to mtv videos and
word of mouth.

Panic at the Disco!

Is a completely orignial creation
a little bit of techno,
with half a cup of emotion
a gallon of sex talk
just a hint of foul language
and the hottest and most beautifuly sounding
lead singer.

Blend well for 2 full cd listenings.
Serve to all your friends who listen
to fall out boy, switchfoot, hellogoodbye, dashboard confessionals, and watch strongbad.
And wha BAMB!
Instand liking.

Although there way famous now, they are still cool
young and totally awesome...
Panic at the disco =
Only like one of the best freakin bands ever.
Yes I know Im un-orignial.
But its the truth.
<3 Always Angela~
by Panic at the disco lover~ October 28, 2006
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