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Similar to the absurdity of high waters or flooders (pants with hemlines that are too high usually about mid-calf) and outdoing the nastiness of skid marks, Muddy Waters makes one appear unkempt and perhaps even unhygienic. Muddy Waters can apply to the pants themselves, but is best used to describe the wearer of pants which have been soiled due to weather conditions, outdoor activities, daily life, or embarrassing loss of bowel control while in a social environment. It can range from dusty pant legs to dirty food or mud stains, but the appearance leaves any person the Muddy Waters comes across with the impression that s/he is in need of a handful of spare change, a wake-up call, or, at the very least, adult diapers.
Muddy Waters over there is wearing some mighty tainted rags, man. Either he's been playing in the pigpen or he just had a hell of a time at Taco Bell.
by Pancho M. F. Villa July 14, 2010

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