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Gods gift to man on the 8th day. rarely spoken as such.
Rock and Roll:
Rocker- "And on the 8th day, God gave us the miracle of Rock."

Dumbass-"Dude, thats so not true. Rock sucks."

Rocker- "Oh shut the hell up, go back to your K$sha you douchbag."
by PaladinofDarkness August 01, 2011

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1-term once used to describe pro-union miners in the Appalachian region, derived from their wearing of red bandanas around their necks to signify their union involvement, thereby 'redneck'.
2- slightly offensive term to describe lower to middle class people, living mostly in the backwoods(though some are migrating to the urban sprawl), who wear flannel, shoot things for fun, and always seem to be able to say something completely useless.
"The rednecks marched towards Mingo county to spread union involvement."

"you might be a redneck if...(see ALL Jeff Foxworthy jokes)
by PaladinofDarkness July 06, 2011

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