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Someone you trust completely. They are your shoulder to cry on and are ready to dig the graves. They listen and they tell you when you are being stupid. People tend to mistake them as your significant other because they don't understand the kind of love you can have without being in a romantic relationship. They might as well be family if they aren't already. They will last the test of time. Even when you seem like complete opposites they simply balance you out. You can show up at their house at anytime and they wouldn't think twice. You don't let anyone come between you two. You can fight and you can call each other every name in the book but if you need help they will be there for you. And if anyone hurts you or them God help their soul because they have to deal with the wrath of a best friend.
Person 1: Why are those to always together? They are nothing alike. Are they dating or something?

Person 2: Them? Nah. For some reason they are best friends
by PBunny January 01, 2011

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