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The second largest city in Washington State,has it's middle upper class neighborhoods like the Southill and the more lower class neighborhoods like West Central or Hillyard. Known for meth and prostitution in some areas. Has a 100 acre park park downtown and held expo'74. There is a lot of white trash and alot of wiggers, but has most of their black people around downtown.First thing you'll notice might be all the homeless people, that care more about meth than money. Not that bad of a city if you like the outdoors or if your just looking for weed. I might move back next week to meet up with my old 18th street homies
UPPERCLASS GUY: Spokane is very nice, I love the parks and I don't run into them dirty theiving negroes much up on the southill.

HOMELESS GUY DOWNTOWN: Man nigga, Fuck spokane
by P. Rodriguez April 29, 2006

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