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The movement that occurs when two people confront each other, traveling in opposite directions, towards eachother on the same path, in which niether person can decide on which side to pass the other. Both people choose to pass eachother on the same side, and simultaneously decide to pass on the other side, creating an awkward back and forth motion, which continues until one tells the other specifically which direction he/she will go, or one physically grabs the other and places him/her on the opposite side of himself/herself to pass.
ex. Sorry I was late; I was caught in a frimble on the way to class.

ex. That was an awkward frimble.

ex. Woah, frimble.

ex. I wasn't trying to B-Bux him; I was just caught in a frimble.
by P. McGillicuddy December 12, 2009

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