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An internet memo made on the 19th of Septemember.It originated from the Youtube video Oprah vs Over 9000 Penises.Possible candidates of people who posted the message was Ebaums and a group of /b/tards. The OVER 900 bit originated from the DBZ Internet Memo OVER 9000

ORIGINAL VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7mn4mo-QYE&feature=related

Memos usually have use.The Use of this is saying a sentence than suddenly saying OVER 9000 PENISES.

I heard a story about OVER 9000 PENISES

I heard he does not forgive or forget, He has OVER 9000 PENISES.

My Bannana is Yummy and has OVER 900 PENISES
by Over 9000 Penises September 20, 2008

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