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An ancient people assimilated into Hellenic culture. Non-existent as a people today, although the history of ancient Macedonians has been stolen by slavic-Macedonians in FYROM (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). They insist, through revisionist history and outright lies that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great.

It is well documented that the composition of FYROM is a majority Bulgarian with Serbs in the North and an Albanian majority in the West and Northwest.

The Slavs migrated to what is modern FYROM in the 7th Century and have only recently been calling themselves the descendants of Alexander.

Upon the creation of FYROM, all of the political leaders in power declared that they WERE NOT the descendants of Alexander (see statements of Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov).
Nebojsa calls himself "Macedonian" but the language he speaks is "old Serbian" and he celebrates Serbian Slava, thus Nebojsa, is really a Serb, calling himself a "Macedonian".

Goce calls himself a "Macedonian" but the language he speaks is a dialect of Bulgarian, his nameday is an old Bulgarian custom and he is really Bulgarian, although he calls himself "Macedonian".

Jim calls himself "Macedonian", his family was all born in Northern Greece, they speak both Greek and Bulgarian and there familial lineage comes from Athens (although they'd never admit it). They learned Bulgarian after the Slavic migrations South, but they call themselves "Macedonian" even though they are Greek.
by Oti rej! February 21, 2006

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