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Drehobl, Dan. - Professional skateboarder from Maine. Transplanted in San Fransisco where his career took off. His unique style stays true to his east coast roots. Drehobl helps makes skateboarding feel down home and rewarding despite its brutality and trendy exploits. Watching Drehobl skate makes every skater grateful to be or have been one. Drehobl is an inspiration and a reason to remain attached to the culture of skateboarding for many. Dan will live on well after his career as one of the greatest chain smoking athletes of all skateboarding time. Skating now for Mark Gonzales of Krooked and well in to his 30's Dan remains a phenomenal presence and in the industry. I imagine he's doing a sweeper RIGHT NOW.
Did you see Drehobl drop in on that fuckin thing? Im gonna drehobl that 18 wheeler.
by Orpy March 09, 2007
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