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Puertorriqueño(a) is the "proper" term used to address a native islander from Puerto Rico. Do not confuse with Newyoricans, or anyone else born outside the island to Puertorriqueño parents. A real Puertorriqueño(a) knows the words to "La Borinqueña", speaks Spanish (FLUENTLY), has lived on the island, and cries to the words of "En Mi Viejo San Juan". Other terms used to refer to a person from "La Tierra del Encanto" are: Puertorro(a) = a shortened version, Borinqueño(a) = after the island's Taino name "Borikén"; and Boricua = a variant of the previous. The terms Boricua or Puertorro(a) can sometimes be insulting, particularly to an affluent person. However, average people, especially those from the "caserios", do not typically mind these terms.
¡Soy Puertorriqueño(a) y orgulloso! = I'm Puerto Rican.

If you really want to show pride, substitute Puertorriqueño(a) with Borinqueño(a).

Ex.: Ese señor es definitivamente Borinqueño. = That gentleman is definitely Puerto Rican.

¡Vaya Boricua! or ¡Vaya Puertorro(a)!: roughly translates to "Yo hommie from the island"
by Orgullo Puertorriqueño February 20, 2010
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