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A term for words that can drop you dead in laughter. Originally played on Sal Vulcano by the Impractical Jokers in their "Name Game" Series.
"When they told me my gynecologist's name was Dr. Hymen, I almost fell off my chair. It was such a Mother Coconuts of a name."
by OregonWarrior August 26, 2017
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The handsomest, most charming guy of the four Impractical Jokers Show. Sal knows how to get dem ladies. His achilles heel, however, is all forms of embarrassing challenges set up by the other guys on the show.

Sal will melt into a pile of shame when asked to shush people, play the "Name Game," squirt water at old men, flip off old women in Central Park, start "LET'S GET SEXY!" chants at minor league baseball games, or disrespect hot women.
(During the "Name Game," in which Sal must call out outrageous-sounding names to people who are waiting to have their named called in an office waiting room):

Joe Gatto: "Open your stupid mouth and say it!"
10 seconds later
Sal Vulcano: "Oh my god I can't....................Mother Coconuts? Is there a Mother Coconuts here?"
by OregonWarrior September 10, 2017
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