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Females who livestream on a a major streaming platform and flaunts/exploits their hot bodies in order to gain views and donations.
God, I'm happy that Twitch decided to start cracking down on the titty streamers, now Scarce won;t have to cover on all of their wardrobe malfunctions.
by Onion_Boy.png March 12, 2018
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A phrase often quoted the day before a big event or holiday.
July 3rd - Dawn Of The Final Day
by Onion_Boy.png February 5, 2018
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Playing or replaying a level in a game so much that you can quickly and flawlessly complete it.
After playing through Titanfall 2 on every difficulty, playing through again was like a Hotline Miami Speedrun.
by Onion_Boy.png August 22, 2017
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