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Yet another stereotype in our world. If you would like an example of a prep simply watch a show like the OC or Laguna Beach and view those kids life. For a prep in middle school/highschool they try to make their lives much like that. Preps often shop at stores like aeropostale or hollister and are willing to pay 45 dollars for jeans that are pre torn just for that reason. Preps can be seen flirting with other male preps or jocks whilte both parties are chewing bubble gum and talking about things that go nowhere. In the classroom setting, preps will often shout out idiotic things just to get a reaction.
Prep 1: O-M-G did u SEE heather today! she totaly has the same shirt on as me!!! im so like embaressed!

Prep 2: Oh i know how is that possible. i mean everyone in our rich white american highschool shops at aero! how could she have the same shirt as u!

by One Angry Goth January 01, 2006
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