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Fuckboi who uses elements of BDSM and DDLG to pick up on eGirls and thots on social networks like Omegle, Kik and Discord. A successful Daddyboi to send them noods. May have a username with "Daddy" at the beginning, and/or use other terms from the BDSM community.
TracytheGamerGrill: Who tf is Daddy Uwu? He just DM'd me and said "Have you been a good girl?" I don't even know him!

Melanie666Queen: Oh, that dude is just a Daddyboi...

TracytheGamerGrill: Wtf he's calling me a SLUT now!

Melanie666Queen: Just block his dumb ass.
by OnYourDrugs January 11, 2019
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A game mode or irl situation that feels like rape. By rape, I mean surprise butt sex, no lube. Also known as Prison Fun Time.
Player 1: "FML! I can't get a kill to save my life! These guys are total sweaties!"

Player 2: Trials of Osiris is pretty rapey this morning...

Player 1: "Yeah it is!"
by OnYourDrugs March 23, 2017
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