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A superior joke, a joke above all other jokes. Hearing this joke will make your fucking head explode because of how funny it is, usually some retard says the funny and doesn't even realize it and immediately dies because he/she said the funny without god's permission.
Noah: Last month I ate at a Chinese buffet, I'm still picking out fur from my teeth to this day .
Noah: Oh fu-
by Okuyasu October 14, 2019
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Golden wind from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 aka. Vento Auero. Golden Wind happens when someone fucking dies in any part. They transform into Golden Wind and basically go to heaven where everyone else was tossed out by Araki.
Polnareff: Avdol! Iggy
Avdol & Iggy: -say nothing and pumps fist-
Golden Wind n word cya!
by Okuyasu October 10, 2019
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