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A reference to youtube, as in "maybe the guys from youtube filmed it", meaning it might be available on youtube.

Originated from the post-super bowl episode of The Office when Michael Scott thought it would be wonderful if the guys from youtube were there to film their office roast.
Did you see Johnny break his leg sliding into third?

That was nothing, remember Joe Theisman getting his leg snapped in half?

Right, maybe the guys from youtube filmed it.

(proceeds to type in 'theisman leg' on youtube.com)
by Oh Wells February 04, 2009
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26.2 miles, which is the distance of a marathon.
The "26.2" magnet, which can occassionally be seen on the back of a car is a mystery to most people who are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. However, it will be appreciated by those in the know, who actually get out of the house put a few on miles each week.
by Oh Wells November 23, 2009
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