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A word with many meanings/definitions and can be used in many contexts

The name of poshwitz smalls aka “the daughter of the forbidden one

Also noun/verb/adjective can be used and integrated into almost any sentence to describe a prized possession or in fact poachy smalls itself.

Poachy = the state of currently feeling poached, or something....

Highly Expressive Word that can be used in many sentences or situations.

Junior the egomaniac coined the term/word “poachy” and the word itself can also be integrated into regular words such as constipated to form “constipoachen” and such. Or “muthapoachy” rather than motherfucker.

Also a filler word to add into sentences to describe something which can add more meaning to something especially if referring to something chicken related or related poachy smalls (the beak)

Poachy can also mean whatever you want it to be, like if your feeling good or calm then your feeling poachy. DONt get poached in the face though

The meaning of poachy can vary, for more information ask junior grimes......
“I need to find a good piece of poachy

“With my mind on my poachy and my poachy on my mind”

“If the barns on fire then let that muthapoachy burn, talkin about chicken shite then I ain’t concerned “

“Suckers write me checks and then they bounce so I reach into my pocket for the fresh amount see iM the long leaner Vincent the cleaner im the illest muthapoachy from here to gardena !”

“You better get that poachy before it’s too late”
by Obi wan shinobi July 13, 2021
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