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(swoo-bee) - noun, plural - bies

A term used for one who has "side boobs" instead of the normal "man boob" term. Side boobs are located just underneath the armpit and interfere with the shape of one's pectoral muscles. Swoobies can develop by themselves or in conjunction with the preexisting "man boobs."

Originates From: the Latin word - Swooboobies
Acceptable Alternate Versions: Swoops, Swoobs, or when making fun of someone w/ side boobs it is acceptable to use the name Lil' Swoobs.
"Bro, I took that bitch's shirt off and her swoobies were bigger than her boobies...I was like 'Oh hell naw!'"

"Ahh shit son you need to shave your swoobies...REAL TALK!" (clap clap)
by OJ53 December 02, 2010

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