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Best fuckin sport around...Too bad its not more liked in America
Go St. Louis Blues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by OH SNAP March 31, 2005

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Rich ass suburb of Dallas. Known for good high school football without a single black kid on the team. Strangely enough, there is no Northlake, or even a lake at all in the town.
"Hey, there's a rich white kid who's good at football and drives a Hummer!"

"Oh, he lives in Southlake."
by Oh snap March 27, 2005

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little bitch ass serb from milan italy that likes fucking little girls. He also rides quads/cocks,paintballs on the warped sponsored team, and races golfcarts 4 a living.His most favorite thing to do is sex experiments with drills, skill saws,knifes, and childrens toys. This person is not to be trusted, Hes a back stabbing whore, dont ever turn your back on him or he will fuck u.
Look at the kid walking acrost the field bunkering that kid,he sucks fuckin dick, what a fuckin (milan).
by oh snap March 31, 2005

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