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Someone who doesn't need a label like punk, emo, prep, jock. They wear what they want and listen to what they want and do what they want. They'll shop at Abercrombie, but will listen to underground screamo music. They won't say (or think) , "Oh, I can't buy this shirt. It's so punk! It's not prep enough! I'm a prep!" They'll have a friend who is all punk and a friend who is prep, but they don't see them that way. This is because they don't label other people either. They're usually against labels and stereotypes. They won't let people who label them influence them.
Individualist: Wow, I like these skinny jeans....
Preppy person: But it's so emo!
Individulaist: Soooo.........
Preppy Person: I thought you were a prep! You wear Abercrombie!
Individualist: I'm not a prep. It's not like I wear Abercrombie everyday. How is that prep?
Preppy Person: Uhhh.....it just is. So you're emo?
Individualist: No.
Preppy Person: Then what are you?!
Individualist:I'm not anything, because I don't label myself. Please leave me alone now so I can buy these pants in peace.
by Nyna May 1, 2007
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